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Fuel Gauges and Tank Senders

Classic Fuel Gauges are compatible with other manufacturers' senders such as AutoMeter, LTL Industries, Maxima, Medallion, Stewart-Warner, Sun Electric, and others.

They may also be ordered to read correctly with many OEM fuel senders such as those from stock GMC, Ford, or Chrysler vehicles. For reliable and accurate fuel level readings, order a matched Classic Fuel Sender with your fuel gauge.

Refer to the chart below to determine which electrical resistance range your stock tank sender is. A matched Fuel Gauge manufactured by Classic can then be ordered for reliable operation with your stock sending unit.

Pictured: Classic Series with Polished Stainless Bezel

Fuel gauges from Classic Instruments™ are available in most of the resistance ranges shown below.

This greatly simplifies gauge-to-sender matching when a stock donor tank or foam-filled fuel cell will be used in the vehicle.

Pictured: Fuel Gauge in the Vintage Series with Gold Finish Bezel.

Which Fuel Tank Sender Do You Really Have?  

  • 0-30 Ohms (GM Type '64 and earlier)
  • 0-90 Ohms (GM Type '66 and later)
  • 75-10 Ohms (Ford Type '86 and earlier)
  • 16-158 Ohms (Ford Type '87 and later)
  • 90-0 Ohms (Toyota and Nissan '85 and later)
  • 240-33 Ohms (Standard Aftermarket)

Classic Instruments manufactures fuel senders (with the standard 5 hole offset mounting pattern) in all of the above resistance ranges except the 1987+ Ford 16 - 158 Ohms and 90 - 0 Ohms Toyota Nissan 1985+ tank sending units.

Classic was the only choice when we decided to produce our own gauge design series. Their intense commitment to quality and innovative designs keep them ahead of everyone else.

- Boyd Coddington

Having seen almost every instrument out there, I would recommend that anyone wanting gauges to complement their own car check Classic Instruments. I chose Classic to give my own street rod the right finishing touch.

- Tom Gale

Instruments are as important to us as any other part of the car and we only use the best quality products available! Classic fits our requirements every time. And, the choice of design options is a bonus for us and our customers.

- Barry Lobeck

No matter what design direction we take on a car, I insist on using Classic Instruments. The hand made retro-fit `40 Ford gauge panel they built for the Poteet `32 five window is the perfect complement to our vision for the car.

- Dave Lane

From our 200 MPH Vintage Air Studebaker to the over 200,000 miles we have put on our old `39 Ford Sedan, the Classic Instruments have stood the test of relentless use and some serious speed.

- Jack Chisenhall

Classic has always been the trend setter for street rod and custom car instruments. We have been a Classic dealer since the `70s and know their passion for style, quality and innovation is equal to our own.

- Ken "Posie" Fenical

Classic did an amazing job retrofitting the instrument cluster for our `50 Woodie project. We chose Classic because of their reputation for quality, accuracy and reliability.

- Rick Love

Classic Instruments offers me the flexibility and creative avenue to add that complimenting custom touch in quality instrumentation to our complex rods and customs. Their products and services are second to none.

- Steve Frisbie